The 8 Mistakes that New Bloggers Must Avoid in Blogging.

The 8 Mistakes that New Bloggers Must Avoid in Blogging

The 8 Mistakes that New Bloggers Must Avoid in Blogging.
The 8 Mistakes that New Bloggers Must Avoid in Blogging.

Blogging is not a sudden success. There is a long plan to Blogging. As there is Opportunity to earn a lifetime from here, you have to have a lifetime plan for working. Bloggers must avoid the 8 mistakes of Blogging.

From the first day, the thought of income should be eliminated:

There is no success in one day. If you plant a tree, you can’t expect the fruit of that tree in one day. To get the fruit from the tree, you have to take care of the long tree, then once you start getting the fruit from the tree.

You think of a job. You are not paid as soon as you join the job. If you have to complete the month before the job, you will be paid. And if you neglect not working properly for a whole month, you will either lose your job or your salary will be deducted.

Blogging is the same thing. Here too you have to work carefully on such things. So that no feature is violated. And the thought of earning one day should be eliminated.

Don’t work with more than one affiliate company:

This is an easy mistake for new bloggers when it comes to Blogging. It is done by more bloggers, with the idea of ​​earning more. When you go to work with more than one affiliate company, your goal is lost. This advice from bloggers to me is to do affiliate marketing with multiple companies, not just affiliate marketing with one or two companies that match the content of your blog.

Applying for Affiliate Marketing Without Content:

For beginners, this is a serious mistake. Doing so will put you on the black list instead of taking your affiliate marketing account. If your website does not have sufficient content, your affiliate account will not be approved for marketing.

Cannot spam with affiliate links:

With the thought of earning more revenue, affiliate link can not be shared directly in multiple places. Affiliate links cannot be provided on Facebook and other website comments. Doing so will make your account diable. So be careful not to spamming anything.

Cannot directly promote paid:

For affiliate marketing, you must adhere to certain company rules. Rules can never be violated. Many affiliate links are promoted through Facebook and Google Ad. If you do this, your account is 3 percent more likely to be diable. It does not like any organization. So refrain from direct paid promotion.

Analyze Visitors:

Save data on regular visitors and verify which type of visitor is higher. Verify your visitors’ needs, try to write content according to their needs. You can regularly publish their favorite content to keep visitors. When they find all the information they need on your site, they will continue to make regular visits to your site.

Avoid using multiple banner ads:

Using multiple banner ads on the site may cause traffic to be disturbed while reading the content of your site. Google rules that no more than 3 banner ads can be used on one page. If you use more than 3 banner ad, this feature will be violated.

Learn from Visitors’ Comments:

There is no barrier to learning. Without knowing anything, you can learn from anyone, big or small. Regularly read what your visitors are commenting on and learn from here. If they have any suggestions, they should accept it in a beautiful language.

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