How to be truly successful in life | Real Motivational Speech

How to be truly successful in life | Real Motivational Speech

How to be truly successful in life | Real Motivational Speech
How to be truly successful in life | Real Motivational Speech

If I were to ask you, what does it mean to be truly successful in life? What would you answer? Some will say that to earn more money in life, some will say to be the richest man, some will say to live a normal life, etc.

What is meant by Ambulance Success?

We think all models, singers, superstars, millionaires and billionaires are successful people. Because we think they are the happiest people on earth. So why do their marriages end after a while? Why do they take different intoxicating foods? Why do many of them commit suicide? The reason is that success does not last much longer if it is based on only one thing, namely money or name. Basically it’s called Ambulance Success.

Only a complete balance life can lead to a successful life. It is lasting and joyful.

To succeed in life, there are 4 things that I am going to write for you today.


Without our pill, we cannot take any physical action. A healthy body is essential to succeed in life. That’s why we have to follow a few rules to get a healthy body. Ex:


Every day, our environment is being polluted with various factories and engines. As a result we are receiving less oxygen than we need. So we need to do some exercise every morning to keep our body healthy.


Our body is made up of 60 to 75 percent water. That’s why we need to drink 2.5 liters of water daily to meet our body’s water needs.

Balance Diet:

Balance diet means there will be more salt in the diet, no soda, no artificial fats. There will be no cupcakes and a lot of veggies.


We need two types of motion in our life. One is physical speed. Second is human speed. Flexibility is the most important thing about speed. Your human flexibility means always being prepared for new experiences, skills and ideas. To do this you have to challenge yourself and get out of the “comport zone”. The more you get out of the compact zone, the more your brain’s flexibility will increase.

Now I have the physical speed:

Physical motion refers to work. Going from one place to another by doing your work is basically called physical motion. Suppose you now earn five thousand rupees daily from the business, but you want to make ten thousand rupees daily from next year. You need to work towards that goal. Then you can exploit your physical speed.


The impact of what is going on around us always has an impact on us. The influence of what we see repeatedly and with the people with whom we walk also extends to us. There are two aspects to this effect. Just as it affects us, we can influence others.

We are somehow similar to the people we regularly run with. It could be financially, maybe in character, or maybe in mind. We humans, like trees, provide energy between each other. That is Positive Energy or Negative Energy.

By interacting with someone, you receive both positive and negative energy, just as your energy is accepted by others. And what we always use and look at in our home also affects us. That’s why we need to keep things positive or good on the walls or in our home.

Choose Yourself:

What are you currently And what do you want to be in the future? How is your character now What changes need to be made in the future? How much money do you want to earn in the future? How are your choices And how would it have been better? What will be the outcome of the project you are currently working on? You need to know about these things. That is, to get a complete idea of ​​yourself means to fool yourself. It is very important to be happy in life. If you do not know yourself, how can you recognize others?

Who needs to verify themselves?

By choosing yourself you will know your mistakes and the right ones. This will help you to get out of your mistakes and further your confidence in doing the right thing.

Life is not finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

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