How do YouTubers get money from YouTube

How do YouTubers get money from YouTube – 2020

YouTube is the world’s largest video-centric social network. People who create videos on YouTube and upload them on various topics are called ‘YouTube Creators‘ or ‘YouTubers’. Established and popular big YouTubers get money from YouTube for more than a million US dollars a year. Inspired by seeing them, a lot of people are now inspired to create different content on YouTube. Many small YouTubers are also making a living mainly from the money they earn from their YouTube channel.

get money from YouTube-min
get money from YouTube-min (Source: Pixabay)

YouTubers get money from YouTube directly and indirectly. Such as showing ads, partnering with different brands, selling their own merchandise products and so on. Let’s find out today about how and in what ways YouTubers make money by focusing on YouTube.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing (Source: Pixabay)

The most popular way to make money on YouTube right now is influencer marketing. It has changed the way YouTubers make money.

Influencer marketing is when a person on a social media promotes a brand, product or a significant service on his or her social network profile.

YouTubers usually get money from YouTube through influencer marketing in four ways.

These are:

  • Branded integration
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Other social media

Branded integration:

Branded integration on YouTube refers to when a video on YouTube shows the name of a particular brand or the brand and its various products or services. In a video, YouTubers come up with the name of their promoted brand in various ways. The most common of these is the name of a particular brand called ‘Brought to you by’. It is seen that YouTubers usually say ‘This video is brought to you by Brand X’ at the beginning or end of their video. This particular brand pays YouTubers to have their name mentioned there.

Branded integration
Branded integration (Source: Pixabay)

Another example of influencing marketing is showing a brand’s product directly on a YouTube video. As you may have noticed, many YouTubers occasionally unveil and review products from certain brands, which is now popularly known as ‘unboxing’ videos. In this marketing called ‘Product Placement’, YouTubers show a product of a particular brand in their videos, unboxing it and giving a full description of it. Usually a YouTuber promotes the brand by highlighting the good aspects of the product and highlighting its benefits. In return, he gets some honors from the brand.

Sometimes YouTubers make a whole video related to a brand’s product where they also promote the brand by describing the product. For example, YouTubers discuss a new game coming out of a founding company in one of their videos. He also promotes the game by playing the game, showing different magnet parts and helping the company to give customers. And the company pays YouTubers to promote in this way.

Brand Ambassador (Get money from YouTube):

Brand Ambassador
Brand Ambassador (Source: Pixabay)

A brand ambassador or brand representative is a person who, from a long-term contract with a brand, occasionally presents and promotes the brand to the public in a variety of ways. Brand ambassadors often have to create various sponsored posts that serve as advertisements on behalf of the company. He also has to participate in various trade shows and events organized by the brand. Many big YouTubers also work as ambassadors for different brands.

Affiliate Marketing (Get money from YouTube):

Providing links to created content or video descriptions and offering various promotional codes to customers is another popular way through which YouTubers make a lot of money.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing (Source: Pixabay)

These provided links take users to various e-commerce sites where they can purchase various products or services. Such links are known as ‘affiliate links’. The links have a special tracking ID. So if someone buys a product or service by visiting the link provided by YouTubers, you get a part of that YouTuber.

Other social media:

Many popular YouTubers also work on influencing marketing on other popular social media. They make money by partnering with YouTube as well as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and various blogs. They are also increasing their means of earning by expanding their online presence to other media.

In addition to these, there are some other ways that YouTubers make money. E.g.,

Showing ads on video:

With Google AdSense, YouTubers make money by showing ads on their videos. You see, in some YouTube videos, the ad video starts for a while before the original video starts. Basically all YouTubers make money by showing this and banner ads. This is the main way for small YouTubers to make money. YouTubers also make money by linking their Google AdSense account to other sites and blogs.

Super Chat (Get money from YouTube):

Super Chat
Super Chat

Super Chat can be said to be a way for customers to donate directly to YouTube. When a YouTuber streams a video live, any viewer can pin their comment above if they want, by spending a certain amount of money.

By donating more money, the user will be able to pin his message longer. Such messages are displayed in different colors at the top of the comment box.


Before the advent of SuperChat, this was the main way for customers to donate to YouTube. There are some donation sites where money is raised for various projects through donations from users. Kickstarter and Patreon, for example. The Patreon site is basically used by many YouTubers as a source of their monthly income. Here users donate a large amount of money to their favorite YouTuber.

Commodity sales:

Many YouTubers sell a variety of clothing, food, technology and other items that reflect their preferences, channels and brands. However, the success of this medium of product sales largely depends on the popularity of YouTube and its channels.

Own business venture:

In addition to selling other brands of clothing and products, many YouTubers themselves have now started selling products under their own branding. In most cases, YouTubers are seen selling T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, caps and wristbands. In addition to these, they sell various digital products, such as mobile apps, e-tutorials, photo/video presets, etc.

Many popular YouTubers write and publish books on the topics they specialize in, their own life experiences and their social and online life. There is a lot of income from selling these books.

Podcasting is another source of income for popular YouTubers. They also get paid from different brands of products or services in the audio of the podcasting.

From clothing to kitchen utensils, nutritious food, etc., YouTubers have used their popularity to sell products under their own branding.

With traditional advertising:

Some YouTubers became so popular that their presence was noticed in some advertisements. They have been seen in various magazines and television commercials. Many YouTubers have been seen taking part in such popular Super Bowl commercials.

They are paid a good amount of money through such advertisements.

Public Speaking:

Public Speaking
Public Speaking (Source: Pixabay)

Some YouTubers also make money by sharing their knowledge and experiences with the public. Casey Nestat, a popular YouTuber, often lectures at various colleges and conferences, where he is often honored.

Due to being influential in the media world and having a lot of followers, big YouTubers are often seen participating in various discussion events on behalf of different brands. Undoubtedly, their income from these is quite good.

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