What are you doing to become an educated servant!

What are you doing to become an educated servant!

What are you doing to become an educated servant!
What are you doing to become an educated servant!

Many of us have to finish a million studies and do a good job. You are working day and night to prepare yourself for the job competition. Again, in order to sustain itself in this competitive market, sometimes the money is transmitted in immoral ways. But how much did you make of your character by applying the lessons you learned to do it honestly?

Many of our parents expect their children to finish their studies and get a job.

Would be an asset to the world. The days of hardship will end. The boy who runs away in search of a job knows best what to look for when he runs into the sea with a smile on his parents’ faces. Isn’t it so easy to kill a gold elephant? Where there are more than two million unemployed in the country, the door is banging on the door with frustration.

Servant whose eloquent utterance is a servant. When the British ruled us, it was in our minds that job security meant security. The job itself is respect. Jobs mean guaranteed income. And by that time the British have used us to rule the business and influence it. Destroying our rich muslin industry has forced the cultivation of the Nile. It has also explained very well how to get slavery to compete.

I’ll do something myself, be an entrepreneur, be a businessman, be one of the best rich, be a Superman, be a super hero. When can you tell that you have sent such dreams to the little Bellar? The little boy saw the dreams, but could not nurture them. Seeing the uncertainty, hiding his face in the pit of the rat says that the job is good. Salary at the end of the month. To be an entrepreneur, he has tried to do something for himself has failed. And he couldn’t come back. Some leave the country and move abroad in search of this job security. Sometimes he surrendered himself in the face of death or lost the last sambal Vita soil tuku.

Why not take the risk?

What a fear if life can be taken at a risk, dreams can be seen in the light, liberation from slavery. Why is it so difficult to understand that Rome is not built in one day, success will not come in one day? Be patient with your favorite work. Receive education as a means of enriching yourself, not as a means of getting a job. Try to turn yourself in once more to become an entrepreneur.

Instead of being an educated servant, use education as your own. When you can teach yourself, you will be your boss. And employment will be counted by the many people in your founding organization. Conquer your inner fears. Unless you can find certainty in uncertainty, you will not see anything big. If you have to do something big, you have to do it against the flow. Apply the knowledge you have for yourself without losing your shoe in anticipation of a job.

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