What is Twitter Marketing

What is Twitter Marketing and Why is Important?

Twitter Marketing is the best practice for achieving business goals. Twitter is a popular free microblogging platform. Where a registered person expresses his opinion or mind in 140 words. Which is called a tweet. A community platform of over 200 million worldwide. It is also called the social networking web site. This means that about 200 million people from all over the world are constantly roaming this platform.

We need a community platform for marketing. And if you opt for it, you can easily choose Twitter. Entrepreneurs from America and developed countries spend more time here. Reasons Why You Should Choose Twitter To Grow Your Business.

  • To always stay connected with customers. This will allow you to find out what kind of products you can offer to your customers.
  • It’s best to build relationships. You can connect with a lot of people through Twitter. Which will have a positive impact on your business.
  • In terms of brand building. The role of Twitter is very important if you want to stand out as a trusted brand.
  • Twitter is an important medium for product marketing.
  • You can choose Twitter to get feedback on the product.
  • Twitter needs to be picked up to increase its online reputation.
  • Twitter is very profitable for product sales growth or paid marketing.

Customization for Twitter Marketing:

The value of good quality and professional Twitter account is effective marketing tools from thousands of low-quality Twitter accounts. When a Twitter account is professional, people follow it as soon as they see it. To give an example, if thousands of girls go, if a girl inside her is very beautiful and fair to look at, then everyone looks at her. But if that girl is in any way untidy, then everyone will turn away after looking at her.

That’s exactly the importance of a profile. When the profile is a well-organized professional profile, people will not only follow, they will follow you to know your updates. And that will be very good news for you.

So let’s take a look at what needs to be in the customization section:

  • If you have a personal account, use a picture with a professional look as a profile. If you have a company account, use a nice company logo. By that logo, the characteristics of the company can be considered, how professional the company is.
  • Write a beautiful bio within 160 words. Use keywords inside Bio for your potential followers. That keyword will find you.
  • Use a beautiful and perfect cover photo.
  • Need to create a background image of professional quality. One thing to keep in mind when creating an image is that the image should not be something like a product sale or ads. The background image must be below 800 KB. And for the size, I would recommend 1600 × 1200 pixels. This size applies to full backgrounds.

Use of tools:

I don’t know how seriously you take Twitter marketing. But I can only say that Twitter marketing is the most powerful marketing way on social media. For which many third-party tools of Twitter marketing have come out. Which provides a lot of opportunities in marketing. And if you are thinking of becoming a good Twitter marketer, then the following tools are always for you. Hundreds of tools can be found by searching online.

What is Twitter Marketing
What is Twitter Marketing

You can find it and use it from there if you want. I use the following tools for my work. In a word, these tools are my favorite as well as trusted.

TwitPic: Using this tool you can post videos and pictures with your tweets. If you want to post from outside the computer, you can use the Twitterific app.

QwItter: Use it to see whom you’re following, whether they’re following you. If they do not follow, you can mail them. This tool will automatically send warning emails to those who have not followed you.

ManageFilter: Manage filters are a great tool. This tool helps you reach your tweets in the feed of all your followers. Even those who have followed you but you have not followed back, the in-active user helps to get your tweets to everyone.

WeFollow: With this tool, you can find your client. The question is how? You can enter your keywords here using the tool. For example, you added the keyword “Digital Marketing Services”. Now you can find out what is happening with this keyword.

You can give many such keywords. It can be seen that there are many clients who post jobs in the marketplace and share them on Twitter. You can start working by posting his job live and contracting with him. At the same time, if you have a product, you can increase the sales of that.

SocialOomph: A great tool. Many features can be found in the tool. Tasks that need to be done with separate tools can be done very easily with these tools. It has free and premium versions. You will get many features in the free version, and if you take a premium, one tool is enough.

Twitter Fans Wiki Apps: This is one such app that will help you find tools in Twitter marketing. Here you will find the kind of apps or tools you want.

Twuffer: I am a Bangladeshi but if I have an American client target, I have to tweet in their time. Now if you tweet your time at 10 a.m., you will see that American clients are sleeping at that time. So you have to tweet keeping their time in mind.

Now it turns out that the client is awake by the time you are asleep. This tool will help you to understand the time difference due to this. Use it to tweet according to schedule. This means that you can select the country and at the same time you can tweet according to the time of that country with these tools.

Twitter Search for Twitter Marketing Growth:

Twitter search is very important to get the desired customer in case of a desired visitor or product sale. Personally, when I work on Twitter, I spend most of my time on the Twitter search option. Because from here I get my actual visitors and customers. I also target the search term most of the time when giving Twitter ads. Below I am writing about some search methods. Which will make you 100 percent successful in meeting the target.

First of all search by your blog or website. If anyone mentions you, you know that. And this should be done after it enters Twitter. This allows for faster customer support, as well as being able to meet the needs of the audience.

Searching for a location with your keyword will help you to get a job or sell a product. For example: “Chittagong City” WordPress Theme This type of search helps you get your target client.

If you take a look at Twitter, you will see that most of the tweets are linked. If you do not have a link to the tweet, looking for a tweet like this, after giving your keyword, this is the end? -filter: add links. You will see that tweets will come in fresh, that is, links. E.g. Buy WordPress Theme? -filter: links

To do this, you can use Twitter’s Advanced Search tool to find your exact results. Now you search and find your target results. It may be seen many times that you may not remember that search query. So save that search result. After searching, you will first find the save option on the right side of the page. Click here to save. If you need it again, clicking on the search box will bring down the saved searches.

If you search by the above methods, you will be able to know the exact Twitter search methods. But you need to know the other Twitter genders to search. Twitter links will help you search more. Twitter genders are discussed at the end of this post.


  • Build engagement or relationships with followers.
  • Re-tweet and join the discussion. You will see various discussions taking place on the big Twitter page based on your keyword. Join the discussion there too.
  • Don’t follow too many people. Because no one will follow you when you see 1000 people have followed but only 10 followers.
  • Retweet But it must be interesting.
  • Don’t follow 100+ people immediately after joining Twitter. For example, I said 100+ people. Because then the boat will think of you.

Creating interesting tweets:

  • Always keep in mind when tweeting, that the tweet must be informative, usable, and fun.
  • Be sure to use hashtags when tweeting on Twitter. For example, if you tweet about SEO or digital marketing, use the hashtag #SEO #DigitalMarketing.
  • Tweeted 1 to 2 per month. This is not a marketing method. It’s not just about the marketing method, your followers will unfollow you. So every week, if possible, tweet 1 to 2 every day. Then your followers and your business will be active.
  • Do not tweet with any kind of absurd writing or expressing dissatisfaction. Most people dislike it. So many will unfollow.
  • Just in time to tweet. When many Twitter users are online, many will see your tweets.
  • Use some special icons that catch everyone’s eye.
Twitter Gender:

The things that are used on Twitter are called gender. I have given some gender examples. @reply, DM, Follower, Hashtag, RT, Trending Topics, and Tweet.

Who to follow?

Follow all the companies or the most popular people in the company that is associated with your keyword.
If you have a client, follow him. The client will be happy. He will also refer to his acquaintances.

Twitter list for Twitter Marketing:

Twitter listing is like a Facebook group. Here you can add everyone like a Facebook group. We can do everything we do in the Facebook group through the list. If you go to the settings option on Twitter, you will see an option called list. From there you can create a new list if you want. Or you can join the list associated with your keyword by searching.


  • Mention your Twitter page in different places. For example business card, Facebook fan page, mail signature, website, or blog.
  • Create Twitter buttons and publish them in different places.
  • Create a Twitter gadget for your blog.
  • You can also do paid marketing on Twitter. Which will help your tweets or your profile to take followers and business further?

Hopefully, these killer marketing tips from Twitter will help you 100% to promote your business or sell your product. The points given here are a must-read. If you want to be a Twitter marketing specialist. Because every point is very important.

How did it feel? Hope you don’t forget to let me know. Also, if you like reading the article, then there will be a request to share it with everyone.

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