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Paid To Click: Earn $400 a month with Mobile from PTC site

Income from PTC (Paid To Click) site is one of the most popular simple income sources in the world. In today’s article, I will discuss the details of income from PTC site.

Income from PTC (Paid To Click) site is one of the most popular simple income sources in the world. In today's article, I will discuss the details of income from PTC site.
Paid To Click Success

Those of you who are new to income or online income from the Internet are going to start earning from today. Those of you who have absolutely no experience in making money online. From here they can easily earn a good amount of money if they work very hard, patiently and systematically. You are not the only one from the PTC site, I myself also earn regular work. Billions of people like you and me are working here to earn money regularly. If you read my today’s article with attention, then 100% will surely be successful.

One of the best PTC sites in the world, “The King of Whole PTC Site” “King of all PTC sites” Neobux.

Here are some details about Neobux:

  • The Neobux site was created on March 25, 2008.
  • The activities of this website begin on: April 30, 2008.
  • Owning Neobux: Fernand.
  • Current members of the site: about 5 million.
  • New members daily: About 1800 thousand.
  • Every day members pay: over one million.

What are the Neobux Registration and Requirements to Work?

  • A Secure E-mail ID.
  • A personal smartphone, desktop or laptop (Note: Neobux cannot work with mobile).
  • A single Internet connection.
  • 20 to 30 minutes per day.
  • To earn a good amount, you will need the most.
  • If you can continue the work for 5 to 8 months regularly, it is possible to earn a good income.
  • It is good to have a Verified Payza, Pioneer or PayPal account to withdraw money, but if you do not have any problems, you can make an account later.

Never invest in Neobux or other PTC (Paid To Click) sites to work:

➤ Neobux or any other PTC site does not require any capital or investment to operate or register. It’s totally free!

Who fails to work on the PTC site?

Those who stopped working at the PTC sites for two to one month, stopped working in vain. Since it is a long-term work plan, you need to work 5 to 8 months with the goal to make a successful income here. This is the only right way to earn good money without capital.

How much money can you earn by working on these sites?

If you work regularly, these sites can earn around $ 150 to $ 500 a month. If you plan and work with regular goals. Remember that you are working here with no capital. So it is foolish to think of making a lot of money overnight from sites. Yes, if you work time with purpose, you can certainly earn more money than you think.

How to get started with registration?

In order to work on any site you have to register first. To register with Neobux, click here After successful registration, work continuously for 5 to 8 months. Then you will be surprised to yourself, how is it possible to earn such money!

How to work at Neobux?

It is very easy to work in Neobux, click on login after registering on this site. Then, when registering, log in with the “Username” and “Password” you enter. Then click on “view advertisements” to complete the tasks daily. This way, check the regular ads one by one.

The rules for working on every PTC site like Neobux are the same:

Income below $100 per day by working on the following sites. It was estimated that the first PTC site was launched in 2003 by a geneticist in England.

PTC site identity:

PTC = Paid To Click, which means click-through cash payments. Every day you click on certain ads or view ads on these sites. Its exchange sites will give you the opportunity to earn cash. But you can also earn a lot of money by doing more small tasks and surveys. These sites will also give you the opportunity to increase your income through referrals. By upgrading membership you want, you have the opportunity to multiply your income. There are also various bonus offers to work on.

For those new to Online Income:

Those who have no experience of income from the Internet. They can also earn dollars very easily with PTC site. However, in that case you will have to look for trusted PTC sites. That’s why I’m always with you to introduce you to the world’s most trusted PTC sites. But let’s say one thing at the beginning. Don’t forget to invest your money on these sites. Now work on the following trusted sites and earn money online happily.


It is currently the best PTC site in the world, it is called “The King of all PTC site” – the king of all PTC sites in the world. This is the best site I have seen!

Monthly Income Amount:

I said first about the purpose. If you work on this website for 5 to 8 months, you can earn $500 to $900 a month from this site.

Click the Signup or Register button below to start working on this site.

Link: Signup or Register


  • Adfly’s journey began: May 2009.
  • Adfly owns: Lan Donovan.
  • The current membership of this website is approximately 7373908.

AdFly’s monthly income:

This site can earn you $300 to $800 a month if you work with regular attention for 5 to 10 months.

Click the link below to register here – Click Here.


Ojooo is a very popular PTC site. It is one of the best PTC sites in the world today. Genuine PTC site to earn more money. If you do a little search on YouTube, you will find evidence.

  • The Ojooo website was created on March 19, 2013.
  • Ojooo Owner or Admin: Michael Thees

Monthly Income Amount:

If you work regularly for 5 to 8 months, you can earn up to $300 to $1000 dollars a month from this “Ojooo” site.

Click the link below to join this popular site:

Link: Ojooo Signup or Register


Paidverts is a mysterious PTC site. It is also one of the most popular site. True PTC site for earning more money without investing. Where only one “Ad” watch is exchanged for $ 1 dollars or even $ 20 dollars. This site is basically a revenue sharing site. If you focus on the objective on this site, you will get hundreds of benefits.

Here is an opportunity to earn Unlimited Work. You can become financially established just by working on this one site. Once you earn $1 dollars in hard work then see how easy it is to earn money.

  • The Paidverts site was created on March 31, 2014.
  • The owners of Paidvert are: Jo Cook / Carlos Garcia

Find out how much you can earn:

If you work regularly for 5 to 10 months in Paidvert, you can earn up to $ 900 dollars a month from this website.

Click on the link below to register on the site: ➥ Paidverts Signup or Registration

Start working regularly on these PTC sites that I have been given. Hopefully the information in this article will be very useful for making cash online.

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