3 easy steps to monetize Facebook page

3 easy steps to Monetizing Facebook Pages

Monetizing Facebook pages can make more money than YouTube. More than the percentage of YouTube creators pay on Facebook. I myself have been working with the YouTube channel for a long time. It can be said that the conditions of Facebook are much easier than YouTube. On the other hand, there are multiple ways of video marketing on Facebook, so Facebook page monetization is easily available.

It’s not easy to create a page and monetize your Facebook page. In fact, there is no easy way to earn money in the world. But those who try can earn whatever they want. So if you also want to earn by monetizing Facebook page, then today’s article is for you.

Monetizing Facebook Pages
Monetizing Facebook Pages

How to Monetizing Facebook Pages:

When you think about terms, you will find thousands of terms. Conditions are sought by those who are unfit for work. So if you are creative and hardworking, you can earn money from Facebook by fulfilling a few common conditions. Let’s talk about what you need to do to monetize your Facebook page.

1. Gather ten thousand followers:

According to the terms given by Facebook, you have to collect ten thousand followers first. If your page has tens of thousands of followers, you will get Facebook page monetization. But in addition to the ten thousand followers, you have to fulfill some more conditions. The task of gathering the first ten thousand followers for everyone is very difficult. That is why many people fail in this task. In fact, if you can follow a little strategy, it’s not a difficult task.

To get followers, you need to learn the basics of Facebook marketing. If you learn basic marketing, you can easily gain tens of thousands of followers. Quality content is the power of Facebook marketing. On Facebook, you can share some small content between different groups every day. A suitable platform to collect tens of thousands of followers as a group.

2. Uploading regular video content for Monetizing Facebook Pages:

I said a little earlier. Content is the key to dominating the online world. The better content you create, the faster you will succeed. If you want to monetize a Facebook page, you need to upload videos larger than three minutes or three minutes. Views of videos shorter than three minutes will not be counted. So to increase the video view and make it suitable for showing ads, each video should be longer than three minutes.

3. Must watch 30,000 minutes of video in three months:

When the viewers view the video content that you upload, the video watch time will be counted. Watch time for videos viewed less than one minute will not be counted. Only the viewer who watches a video for more than a minute will have their watch time counted. Thus you need to collect 30,000 minutes of watch time in 3 months. This is how you need to fulfill the conditions if you want to monetize the Facebook page.

How do you know if you have met all the conditions?

It’s very simple. When you go to the Facebook Creator page, you will see the analytics of everything. When all your features are done, Automatic Facebook will give you a message to set up monetization. You can monetize your Facebook page to earn money only if you are informed by Facebook.

How to get the money earned?

Currently, Facebook is paying creators in multiple ways. You can withdraw the money earned through any local or national bank in your country. If you want to know more about this, keep asking questions, all your questions will be answered.

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