Simple Strategy for Lead Generation

Simple Strategy for Lead Generation: How to work?

Lead Generation is an easy way to change your business and lifestyle. With it, you can solve everything. Today I will discuss the Lead Generation method aimed at freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen. As a freelancer and entrepreneur, it is important to gain in-depth knowledge about Lead Generation. First, let’s talk about Simple Strategy for Lead Generation, then let’s discuss why Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Businessmen need Lead Generation.

Simple Strategy for Lead Generation:

Today I will share my work schedule and experience. There is no specific rule for Lead Generation. The more strategies you can use on your own, the more successful Lead you can generate.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Suppose you need to find Bill Gates’ email address for any business reason or to give to a buyer as a freelancer. What methods and strategies will you follow now? I will discuss my personal strategies today.

First step:

Guess who I am Bill Gates? What does he do? I don’t know all this. In this case, my first task is to know about him. You have to take a general idea about his acquaintance business etc. I need to find out his email address using his name, job address or business address, website, etc.

Second step:

To find out about Bill Gates, first, visit his own website or company website to collect his email address. Many times the website may have given his email address. If his email address cannot be found on the website, then the next step is to proceed.

The third step:

If the person you want to generate leads from is a celebrity type, then your email address can be discussed on other platforms as well. Maybe one of them can suggest his email address on social media or Google. In this case, you will search on Google by typing his name, company, surname, etc. Somehow you will find his email address. If you can’t find it, you can find some samples of his email address. In this case, you must note the samples. Using these you can generate its lead.

Fourth step

If you can’t find Bill Gates’ email address on Google, then you need to use the samples from Google in this step. If you can’t find a sample then there is no problem. Just think Bill Gates is the owner of a company. He has the opportunity to create an email address in the name of his own company. So he is unlikely to use company addresses like Gmail or Yahoo. He will use,, and

About 60% to 80% of the world’s email addresses are [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or, [email protected]. So now you have to create an email using Bill Gates’ name just like that. Maybe you can find his email here.

Fifth and sixth steps:

I have said before that there is no specific method for lead generation. Just because I’m writing up to the sixth step doesn’t mean you have to follow these 6 steps. I am discussing very briefly to make my writing short. The fifth and sixth steps need to be shown through practical work. These are basically a little hard work to explain through articles. So I will try to make some video tutorials with these steps. I will upload the videos on the TecH Hacker YouTube channel.

Lead Generation of Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Traders:

A freelancer can earn $1000 to $1500 per month just by selling Lead Generation services. If you don’t believe, go to Fiverr and do a search. You can see the live evidence yourself.

Lead Generation of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen Important?

Yes, that’s basically basic work for them. It allows an entrepreneur and businessman to turn his business around. The more accurate the lead generation, the more your business promotion and sales will increase.

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