How to express yourself on LinkedIn as a freelancer or entrepreneur

How to express yourself on LinkedIn as a freelancer or entrepreneur

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social media platform for all professionals, including freelancers and entrepreneurs. However, the purpose of LinkedIn is to increase the interaction of people involved in different professions. This is especially important for those of us who are freelancers. Here we can quickly connect with buyers through different groups and pages.

LinkedIn members stay connected with their colleagues, friends, various businesses or enterprises, or customers. In this way, everyone in each organization is connected with each other and beyond with their own skills or the organization of their choice. It is a great place to highlight your own successes as well as to report on the progress and success of others.

express yourself on LinkedIn as a freelancer or entrepreneur
express yourself on LinkedIn as a freelancer or entrepreneur

The freelancer or entrepreneur can also use LinkedIn to do his own branding, which is less likely to be achieved through other social media. Jobs, business, or freelancing, wherever you want to advance your career, there are opportunities to present here. When a recruiter is looking for a person, freelancer, or organization for a job, you need to make sure that your presence is stronger than anyone else’s.

Using LinkedIn effectively can better shape your reputation as a freelancer while misrepresenting it can be counterproductive. There are some things to keep in mind.

Express yourself on LinkedIn as a freelancer or entrepreneur:

As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you need to express yourself your own profile with some time by mentioning your pictures and information. You need to add information in such a way that it will serve as your resume or CV. So you should give your normal picture without any picture taken in a special pose during the trip or at a domestic event. It is important to add a few lines about yourself.

Because recruiters will get an initial idea about you from this information. The headline part of the profile appears all the time under the name, so here you need to specify the skills that are most consistent with your identity.

Experience, education and volunteer work:

The work that you are currently involved in and the organizations that you have worked in before, you have to add them in a certain part. They should be mentioned if they have received education and special training. In the case of work, not only the name of the institution should be mentioned, but also the details of the subject and course of the educational institution as well as in the case of education.

If you are involved in any work as a volunteer as well as professional work, they can be added to the profile. These are effective in proving the ability to lead or work as part of a team. It is easier to get a new job, especially when creating a profile as a freelancer or entrepreneur by mentioning your involvement with other projects and activities besides studying. There is also a separate section to mention your skills.

Connecting with others:

LinkedIn is the most powerful aspect of networking. Connecting with someone else on Linked is called a connection. Once the profile is filled with the correct information, it is advisable to build your network by adding academics and current or old colleagues.

As well as potentially be associated with other individuals or organizations. However, when creating a profile, adding multiple people is automatically blocked. If you know about the work or skills of others in your network, you can add recommendations, as well as request them.

Joining the group as a freelancer or entrepreneur:

You can join different groups by creating a profile as a freelancer or entrepreneur. If you join a group of people who are skilled or interested in what you are working on, you will get an idea of ​​what others are doing. Similarly groups will help you grow your own network.

Adding a new job and looking for a job:

LinkedIn is a popular medium for finding new jobs and hiring employees in organizations around the world. Just as you can find out about new jobs, there is also the opportunity for those who are looking for workers for the organization to find you. There are arrangements to specify a specific subject, area or country of choice in the field of job search. Again, if you want, there is a chance that no one will find you for a new job.

Update regularly:

Any new training, success or any significant issues at work should be added to the profile regularly. You can share various information related to the work according to your preferences and skills from the profile or in the relevant group. This will give others in the network a chance to learn about you and your skills.

Just because acquaintances and friends are involved doesn’t mean it’s a regular hangout. Every social media has a purpose. Not everyone is going to be a member of the medium that we think is necessary, we are involved. So be careful when promoting and publishing on LinkedIn something that is not relevant to the profession or work. You should not do this on Linked. E.g.

  • Defame old or current colleagues
  • Expressing something misspelled
  • Writing Bengali in English letters or English in Bengali letters
  • Announcing that you are looking for a new job while working somewhere
  • Regularly post pictures or updates of pet cats, birds or anything else
  • Photos related to coworkers and work can be published without publishing pictures of oneself and family
  • While all types of privacy are active, any information that could pose a risk of harm to someone else should not be stored through social media.

Everyone will reveal everything related to his profession and work, but it is also necessary to think that the person and the work do not match. Even if drawing cartoons is your job, you should not use your own caricature as a profile picture.

LinkedIn is a place where others can get an idea of ​​your identity and you. So it is your responsibility to publish the information, text, or picture. So think twice before publishing anything.

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