What is Affiliate Marketing and How do I get started

What is Affiliate Marketing and How do I get started?

It doesn’t appear that there are people who haven’t heard the Affiliate Marketing name. The number of people who have never heard of it is very low. Those who expect income from online must know about affiliates. At present, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online ways to make passive income.

However, there are many of us who have only heard the name Affiliate Marketing sometimes. But do not know the exact information. So today I am discussing Affiliate Marketing work for everyone who knows and does not know.

Before learning about Affiliate Marketing, we need to know about online shopping:

At the moment, people are starting to like shopping online. It is making people’s lives easier. As the demand for online shopping increases, new online shopping sites are being created every day to meet the needs of consumers. Online shopping sites have become very popular nowadays. And many products and services are sold online.

Originally these sites were created for the purpose of selling these products. Not only analog products, but also various types of digital services are being sold on online platforms.

Hopefully, you all know about online shopping sites selling all products or services.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Or what do we mean by Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is the act of promoting a link on your blog or website to promote a company’s products. Before we buy a product or service online, we first search Google and find out the details. When we search Google to find out about a product. Then, by visiting the results, we can find out the advantages and disadvantages of the product. But we cannot purchase products directly from these sites.

Although we cannot purchase the product directly, we get a “Buy” link to purchase the product after knowing all the product information. Or a link to purchase the product we know about.

That is, the link given at the end of the product discussion is called the affiliate link. And using it is called Affiliate Marketing.

How to make money by affiliate marketing?

This is the simple answer. When you use affiliate links to promote a company’s products. The reader of your website visits your online shopping site using your affiliate link. If the client buys that product after a visit, you will be paid a certain amount of commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How do I get started (2)

Suppose you do Amazon Affiliate Marketing with a book. Amazon pays 10% commission for each book. If someone visits your link, buys a book, and if the book offers Amazon $ 30 dollars. Now you get a 10% commission from Amazon for $ 30 dollars to $ 3 dollars commission.

This is a simple calculation. For $ 3 dollars like this, if I can sell 5 books a month, 30 = 3 = $ 90.

It’s true, it’s easy to make $ 90 a month from Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Because I didn’t say anything like I was lying here.

Can you be an affiliate partner with any company in the world?

There are many affiliate associations in the world. No matter where you live on the earth. You can work with any affiliate association of your choice.

Let’s get acquainted with some of the popular affiliate associations:

As I mentioned earlier, there are millions of companies around the world who are giving affiliate marketing a chance to earn. But not all companies are popular. This is why it is difficult to find success when marketing a product or service from a stranger company.

So you will be advised to start working on the products and services of popular companies.

Some popular associations:

These 3 companies are known around the world. They have thousands of products. You start working on certain products to get quick success.

How do I get started with affiliate marketing?

The simple answer is. Affiliate marketing can be successfully started by crossing just 5 simple steps. Let’s learn about 4 steps:

01. Creating a Blog or Website:

Currently, it is possible to create a professional blog site or website with WordPress within 30 minutes by purchasing a domain and hosting package. Newcomers think building a website is a lot of work. But this is a complete misconception. A really good website can be created in 30 minutes.

If you have trouble creating a website. You can contact us. We will set you up a complete blog site or website. After calling us, please mention “THOUHID.COM” and make it free. Our contact link here.

What is required to create a website?

There are 3 components required to create a website:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting and
  3. Theme.

If you want a theme you can use it for free. But domain and hosting you must purchase from some company. And if you use a weak hosting service, your website will have different problems.

Never use a weak hosting plan. Along with the fastest powerful domain and hosting, use a premium theme on the website There are many types of problems with free theme coding.

The following is a link to the top 3 domain and hosting company websites:

You can use any good quality company service. But we are providing some of the best company information for beginners.

The above 3 company services you can purchase blindly. We know we do not yet have the best domain and hosting company to look for.

If you want to buy a domain and hosting from a Bangladeshi company, you can see the service of “IIT Host”. You can get services from any company you want from Bangladesh. But of course, you should try to get services from HostGator, BlueHost, Namecheap.

These will help you easily set up and manage the website. And support you anytime.

02. Upload Content:

Quality content is the life of your website. All your work will be rewarded depending on the content. If you cannot upload quality content to your site, then that site has no value.

Skilled bloggers say, “Quality Content is the Power of Blog Site.”

 So the success of affiliate marketing is to focus on creating quality content from scratch. Currently, you can create SEO friendly and quality content through skilled content writers from different freelancing marketplaces.

If you can’t afford to invest for content writers, try it yourself. You can create powerful content yourself with a little attention.

Read this article to find out about the quality content.

03. Join the Best One Affiliate Program:

The best affiliate program is easy to say and join the trusted program. Before applying for affiliate marketing, find out about the company’s policy and payment method.

It is very important to know if they have the payment method that you can take into account. Not only you earn, but you can not raise money.

04. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is a type of marketing or campaign. You can earn faster and more commission by marketing the content published on your site.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How do I get started
Grow Affiliate Marketing

If the traffic on your website does not come, you will not be able to earn. That’s why SEO must work. You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge to do SEO. You will get plenty of visits primarily by sharing links to your website on different social media.

Keep in mind, the more visitors you get to the site, the higher your chances of earning a commission will increase. On the site, 1 to 2 thousand visitors a day can actually earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing as well as Google ads. If 1 to 2,000 visitors come daily, then it is possible to earn more than $ 200 to $ 300 a month from Google ads.

Finally, some of our services are for you:

I hope you enjoy our guidelines. Read the text one more time if needed. Inshallah, you will succeed online. Call for opinions and premium support on any topic: Here…


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