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Easy way to make money online for beginners in 2020

There are various types of platforms to earn online. If you want to use any platform you can earn from online at home. The topic I will discuss today is the easiest way to earn (Passive Income) online. This is my today’s tutorial on the easiest way to earn from online. The topic I will discuss is Google Adsense. So let’s not know what Google AdSense is.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a Google ad network. That was released on June 18, 2003. Google Adsense, a blogger or a YouTube or an Android app developer can earn thousands of dollars at home. Now the question is how and why will Google AdSense pay us? Or how do we make money from Google Adsense? Or can we make a small amount of income? So let’s talk about the details.

How can I earn money (Passive Income) from Google Adsense?

In order to earn money from Google Adsense, you must have a website. That website can be a free blogger platform. You can create a free website using Blogger, and from there you can earn thousands of dollars at home from Google Adsense by monetizing the ad. A paid website, I mean, a website that you have designed with a developer, and by purchasing a domain registration and hosting (Ex: Bluehost, Namecheap, HostGator, etc.) for your website, you are blogging by creating your own website. Apply for Google Adsense through your website and you will be able to earn Passive Income from Google AdSense through your website as soon as Google approves the ad to show on your web site.

Passive Income
Passive Income

Or you can apply for Google Adsense through a channel you have a YouTube channel, and when Google gives you the opportunity to monetize that channel, you can earn money from that YouTube channel through Google Adsense Ads.

Or if you are an Android app developer, you have many apps in the Google Play Store.

How much money can be earned?

Now the question is, do I have a website or do I have a YouTube channel. Now, how much money can I earn in Google AdSense month? The revenue of Google Adsense will depend on the number of visits to your website or your YouTube channel. If you have a large number of visitors to your website, you can certainly earn good money. And if your website has very few visitors then your income will naturally decrease.

What does Google Adsense pay for? (Passive Income)

When you place a Google AdSense ad code on a web site, you have given them the code everywhere. When visitors come to your website, Google Adsense ads will be displayed in those places. And when a visitor clicks on the ad displayed on your website, you can get even more from $ 0.01 to $ 50.00 per ad click for that ad.

Google AdSense is an earning calculator:

Now if you have 2000 visits per day from your website, then if you click on 3% of your ads then your click count will be 60. If we now make $ 0.20 then your income will be $ 12.00 USD X 30 = $ 360.00 per month. Our Bangladeshi money will be $ 360.00 x 85.00 = BDT 30600.00.

This income is not bad at all. If you have 5000-6000 or 8000-10000 visitors per day on one web site, you cannot imagine how much your income will be.

But the point is, if you are blogging in Bangla, you will not get 20 cents per click. Even if the majority of your visitors come from Bangladesh or from any Asian country like Bangladesh then your CPC or Click Per Coast will be between 0.01 and 0.10. Then your income will be reduced. However, if your visitor is too high, then your income will increase.

How do I apply for Google AdSense? (Passive Income)

Applying for Google AdSense is very easy. First, go to this link – AdSense then click on the apply button with a link to your website and a Google Adsense code will be generated and place the code within your website’s <head> tag. Initially, Google will notify you within 6 to 12 hours by email notification if your website is within the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions. If you have a website within Google Adsense, then, of course, you will be allowed to use Google Adsense Ads. And Google will approve AdSense. You can then create ads of different sizes on the Google AdSense Dashboard. And those codes will be pressed in different places on your web site. When a visitor comes to your website, the keyword or the context of the article will show related ads. In this case, Google AdSense ads are more likely to be clicked on.

How do I get a payment?

Until a few years ago, Google used to send payments through AdSense checks. But currently, Google Adsense will send money directly to your account via War Transfer. It will completely come to your account within four to six days after sending Google Adsense payment. You don’t have to worry about Google Adsense. It’s completely risk-free. Thank y

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