The Right Guide to Earn Mobile

The Right Guide to Earn Money Mobile Online – 2020

While the dream of earning mobile online is real to many, it is still a dream for most Bangladeshis. Because 90% of the students make the wrong choice when it comes to working with mobile.

Who says mobile can’t be earned online?

After learning that I can earn from online, I slowly began to learn. Then I was worried about how I would earn! But when I got my first earnings on mobile recharge. I could then believe that it was really online to earn.

My first income was 54 bucks. I was earning with a Huawei mobile. After doing this income, my confidence was increasing.

Mistakes That Cannot Be Made With Mobile:

This is very important. Because, as I said before. 90% of people choose the wrong way to earn with mobile.

If you do things the right way, without having to choose the wrong way, you can be sure of a hundred percent. You will never be deceived by working. Of course, you will get the cut.

That’s why you have to come out of the wrong way. Otherwise, like 90% of you, you will fail to get any payment at work.

Let’s find out

Ways to make money online on mobile:

01. Quick Success:

If you want to get success as soon as you start working, you can’t earn from here.

It’s a mission. Success is a very big skill for success. If it is not for mobile, no income, no success.

02. Lakhs of revenue from the app:

Never worry about earning millions from the app. Don’t even try to monetize an app. By doing this you will waste all your time and effort.

However, it is not that the app cannot be earned. Monetize the app. But 95% of mobile apps do not pay after working. Paying the remaining 5% app payment is not a suitable payment.

03. Payment Method:

The Right Guide to Earn Mobile Online - 2020 (2)
The Right Guide to Earn Mobile Online – 2020 (2)

Before starting work on any platform you need to see the payment method. If you can raise money as per your convenience, work on that platform. Don’t work in a place where you can’t raise money.

Do you have any payment methods?

It is not difficult to earn online from Bangladesh It is more difficult to take the money. So you have to see the benefits of payment before working.

Pioneer Master Card, BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum, Visa Card, Neteller, Bank Payment, etc. If you have these, you can easily raise money earned from Bangladesh online.

Here are some ways you can earn:

It’s never possible for me to write all the ways together. I write these to help you with my work breaks. There are many ways you can make income with mobile. However, here I will discuss some ways to earn a passive.

01. Earnings by Blogging:

Blogging is on top of my list of favorites. Personally I love blogging. If you like blogging like me and want to earn passive income from online. Blogging is the simplest way for you to work with mobile.

You can start a blog by creating a website for free. But it costs like 500 to 1,000 rupees to get quick success. You can use a top-level domain.

02. Video Blogging:

If you do not know about video blogging, please search on YouTube. Video blogging through mobiles is a wonderful job. Video blogging can easily earn 30 to 50 thousand taka a month.

When you start a video blog, you can not think of earning from here. You need to set up your channel first. There are many platforms for video blogging. However, YouTube and Facebook are the best platforms.

03. Survey Earnings on Mobile Online:

There are millions of boys and girls who are earning from Bangladesh by surveying online with mobile You need to be a little clever to earn a survey. The survey cannot be done on any site from Bangladesh. So some tools and techniques have to be applied in this case.

You need to use tools like VPN, VPS, IP, etc. to do the survey job. They are available for free but most do not. So if you want to earn money, use the premium tools.

04. Video Ad Revenue:

There are many websites in the Internet world. People who pay a little money to watch a video. It is not possible to earn a lot of money by watching a video. However, it is possible to earn up to Rs.

Many ad websites offer you the opportunity to earn by seeing ads. One of my favorite sites is: Wintub Here you can watch 24 seconds 5 videos daily. After 24 hours, the videos are viewed. You will earn $ 1 to $ 2 a day after watching 5 videos.

Here is a link to the site: WinTub

05. Income from Investment site:

In the words, “If you have wisdom, the house will not be free.” You can earn money without investing your money here. In this case, you must give a little more time to start earning.

If you can refer to some friends, the task will be easier for you. If you add 5 to 10 friends to your site on a referral you can earn without investing.

I am giving you a link to a site like this: Cryptozilla

This is a very popular site.

Today’s closing message:

We are regularly writing blogs about online earning strategies to help you. Hopefully, these will play a role in changing the pace of your life. We can ask any of your unknown questions.

Use the comment box below to learn about any topic. Thanks.

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