5 Things to Know Before You Dream to Succeed (Tips and Tricks)

5 Things to Know Before You Dream to Succeed

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What is CPA Marketing? And a complete guide to CPA marketing

Dreaming to succeed in life? Then read my full article today.
A few days ago, a scientist named Edickson conducted an experiment. He wanted to know, where is the difference between an ordinary guitar user and an expert? He later researched and distinguished between an ordinary guitar man and an expert guitar man, depending on the amount of practice he had to perform with his guitar.

Do you want to become a trusted master?

If you want to become a trusted master, read the text carefully. According to research by scientist Edickson, those who practiced more than 4,000 hours of guitar in their lives were qualified to be teachers. And those who practiced more than 8,000 hours of guitar in life, were able to call themselves proficient professionals, and those who practiced more than 10,000 hours in life were worthy of being trusted by themselves.

Similar research is done on a few other things, like guitar. And here comes the exact same result. That means if you want to become a world-class master of research, then you have to practice more than 10,000 hours.

We take 10,000 hours to calculate:

If you practice 5-6 hours a day 7 days a week, you will need 5 years to complete 10,000 hours. And if you practice 2-3 hours a day, it will take you 10 years.

What does it mean to practice here?

Practice does not mean that you will be doing one task as well as a few other tasks at a time. Or you can drink tea coffee in addition to practice. Practices have been saying that, here you have to leave everything and focus.

To succeed in life, you need to spend 10,000 hours:

We calculated that for 10,000 hours. You can become a trusted master in anything you can do. But this is not so easy to do. But if you have the desire to become a trusted master, you can easily become a trusted master. Because if you are hungry, what is 10,000 hours, 20 thousand hours is nothing to you. Because at that time, work will become your life.

Extra time determines your success:

Bill Gates is currently being talked about everywhere: Facebook, newspapers and TV channels everywhere. Everyone says this man was the youngest billionaire businessman. He is currently a trusted rich man.

But the author of the book “Outliers” says. These are all nonsense. Everyone is just discussing Bill Gates’ success. It is not discussed by anyone that Bill Gates practiced 12 hours a day from the age of 13. And 10 years after he reached such a stage, he has been able to set up a company like Microsoft.

The point is that we all want to be successful in life. But like Bill Gates, how many days do I spend 12 hours a day doing 10 years of practice?

Some secrets to being successful that are not in our control:

Check if you have any such features. The researchers researched some children and found out. Kids who are born in January to March are doing better than others in the sport. The reason is, when we enroll a child in school, the baby born in January is 11 months older than the baby born in December. As a result, a child born in January can easily understand a teacher.

The problem now is that we can’t be born in January if we want to. It is completely under the control of the Creator. The reason behind being successful is because of something that is not in our control. Now, if you can’t be born in January, will you not succeed? Yes, of course. Why not Read the next step carefully.

5 Things to Know Before You Dream to Succeed (Tips and Tricks)
5 Things to Know Before You Dream to Succeed (Tips and Tricks)

Think Before Taking Off:

The best band “The Beatles” in 4-6 years performed 1200 live stage performances in 4 years. That means 300 in 1 year and 365 days in 1 year. So they worked 80% a year. Then they succeeded. No one knows when you can succeed. Just ask yourself a question before you fail and leave the job. Have you done 10,000 hours of practice?

Those who have been successful on earth have achieved success by practicing 10,000 hours in their lives. Remember, to get something, to lose something. Do you agree to lose anything now?

Choose a job for life:

If Bill Gates had spent time behind basketball, coding, music, he would not have spent 12 hours coding alone. As a result, it took 30 years instead of 10 years to become a trusted master in coding. Seeing such successful people, there must be something in their lives. They used to spend time with him, in which he was successful. That’s not a lot of work, it’s just a choice.

To comment how you like the text, go to the comment box below and comment. And if you want to know more creative and effective strategies to succeed in life, you can purchase the book “Outliers” from the link below.

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