How to turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode feature

How to turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode feature

The WhatsApp Dark Mode feature has been officially released from WhatsApp with a video. The WhatsApp Dark Mode feature is slowly reaching users, so you can use WhatsApp Dark Mode when your phone’s app is updated.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature:

After more than a year of testing, the popular social messaging app WhatsApp finally launched the Dark Mode feature for iOS and Android users yesterday. Facebook’s proprietary messaging app has long been working on the Dark Mode feature, and in the process it has released several beta versions for both software operating systems. Currently, the feature is slowly reaching 2 billion users worldwide.

How to turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode feature
WhatsApp Dark Mode feature

This feature is designed so that if you use the phone in low light, you will not feel stressed. Hopefully, this feature will relieve you of excess light as long as all the lights in your room are off.

Turn on the feature, as shown in the post.

The WhatsApp Dark Mode theme, which is currently available on both Android and iOS phones, has launched two modes only for the iPhone app and the dark and gray modes for Android. The much-awaited feature is a Facebook-owned app releasing a video called “Hello Darkness”, an earlier unpublished version of “The Sound of Silence” by Paul Simon.

How to turn on the WhatsApp Dark Mode feature on your phone:

Since the feature is still slowly reaching all of its 2 billion users, you may not currently see the feature on your phone. If you do not find this feature, you can try to manually update WhatsApp on your phone through Google Play Store or App Store. If you are using an Android and iOS device.

Once you’ve installed the latest app updates, follow these steps:

If you have Android 10 OS or iOS 13 updated, the feature will already be activated on the phone or WhatsApp will switch to the dark theme automatically. If you are an Android 9 OS user, just go to the WhatsApp settings menu and manually enable the dark theme:

– First go to the “Settings” option

– Then click on the “Chats” option

– After clicking on the Chats option, click on the “Display” text

– After clicking “Display” you will see the theme

– Add “Dark Theme” to the theme.

In addition to the Dark theme, there are two important additional themes for Android users to use.

Hopefully, you have successfully launched the “WhatsApp Dark Mode” feature on your mobile phone. Enjoy now even better. Stay tuned to the BD Blog for more information.

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