How to get started with freelancing: A complete guide to freelancing

Hello people. Today I came to you with a great topic. And that is freelancing. Although many posts related to this will be found on Google search. But this post is totally different from mine.

Because of my post you will learn the basic concepts of freelancing as well as how to start freelancing efficiently.


In our country, the interest of freelancing is increasing almost every day. Although now freelancing is in a good position in our country. However, there are very few people who are getting high quality work and earning a lot of income. Because of the lack of skills, the people of our country have very little income from here. And most people don’t get work.

So, how do you start freelancing efficiently? Before that let’s take a look at some of the basics of freelancing. Because without a basic knowledge of something, nothing can be learned.

What is freelancing?

The first thing is you should have a clear idea about freelancing? Because it will help you become a skilled freelancer.

Freelancing is a free career. Which you can do from any part of the country. Imagine a guy in America making a visiting card for himself. He’ll spend $ 10 for it. Now, he’ll give $ 10 to a skilled man from anywhere in the world for $ 10.

earn money online freelancing
earn money online freelancing

The guy who did his job basically worked on freelancing. Because freelancing is a way of life where people don’t have to go door to door to get work. There is a huge amount of work here. Like the American people, there are thousands of people around the world who get their work done from this freelancing.

And millions of people can earn money by freelancing at home or working from any part of the world.

Freelancing is what I mean.

Freelancing has created a unique system of living at home.

How do you start freelancing?

Freelancing allows you to do any kind of work. Because there are thousands of types of jobs available. All you have to do is follow the right path. When it comes to freelancing, most people make mistakes that push them away from freelancing.

Learn about freelancing:

You need to know something to do. If you ask anyone about freelancing, you will find that most people are giving wrong answers. Are there any professional freelancers who have many who are asked what their profession is? Then they will reply that they are outsourcing.

But this freelancing and outsourcing should not be combined. Because both are different things.


Outsourcing means outsourcing when a company hires someone outside their office. The main purpose of this is to save money.

So if you are hired by a company, it is called outsourcing. That means you have to work independently of the company.


Freelancing is a contract of short-term work and doing things at your own pace. Which you can do on your own timely. Freelancing is an act of independence. If you do not work, no one will force you.

How much income can you make?

You can earn your free income at Freelancing. Which will depend on your skills and work. However, you can earn 10,000 dollars or more from Bangladesh in a month. If you do not work for a month, you can not earn a dollar a year.

money freelancing
money freelancing

When I started freelancing, I used to earn between $ 200 and $ 300 a month. However after a few months of working this way my income has reached $ 1000 a month. And this income is increasing day by day. ($ 1 = 84 BDT. But the dollar is sometimes a little higher).

As a Bangladeshi, this money income in a month means huge amount of income.

What work will you get in freelancing?

As I said before, you can find a huge amount of work here. I have given examples of some types of work below.


  • Logo Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Animation
  • Presentation
  • Illustration
  • Photography etc.

Audio and video production


  • Article and Blog Post Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • CV and Cover Letter Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Plan Writing

Admin Jobs

  • Data entry
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Web Research
  • Transcription
  • Project management etc.

Web Designing and Software (Mobile and Computer)

  • Development
  • IT and Networking
  • Engineering and
  • Architecture
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Customer Service.
  • Translation
  • Consultation and Accounting
  • Sales and Marketing etc.

Above I have given examples of some popular works. By doing all this, you can earn Hughes. All you need to do is choose your skills that follow and do it sparingly.

Some of the most popular freelancing works in Bangladesh:

Not all jobs are suitable for Bangladesh. There are certain popular tasks that you can do well.

Below I gave an example of some of those types of work.

  • Graphics Designing
  • Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (ACO)
  • Online data entry
  • Web Designing

There was a time when online data entry was very popular. A lot of work was done on this data entry. But as the money allocated for this work is reduced and the people are increasing for this work, the work is gradually losing popularity. As a result, most people are now engaging in graphic designing or content writing as a professional.

Many are working in ACO as well as web development. Now the demand of ACO’s work in Bangladesh is very high. WordPress themes and plug-in development are also very popular today. Many are involved in this work.

Choose your preferred site.

This is one of the important parts. Because you have to choose some aspects. There are many options on freelancing. In this you have to find the perfect one.

You need to be attentive to your work at all times. Because if you do not show good working skills, you will get nothing on this platform. You have to do the kind of work that will attract you, that is, the work you enjoy. The reason is to remember that there are people with a lot more skills than you. Get them to work with Competition.

When you want to start freelancing, you need to keep an eye on certain issues.

You have to make your profile very attractive. So if your profile is interested in seeing a client give you work. Upload a very nice picture of yourself as a profile picture on your profile. Keep in mind how well-versed you are in a task.

Also, make sure to mention in the profile how you can provide a service and service for your work. By doing this, if your profile is viewed by a client you will be interested in working.

Write a beautiful article yourself to order a work. The client can identify the text you copy and paste it into. So do something unique. Freelancing is a part of Maine, you have to be proficient in English. Because most of the work will be given to you by people from abroad. And English is the only way to talk to them. So you need to be fluent in speaking English.

If you can’t speak English fluently, you may not understand your client’s work properly. This will make the client unhappy with you. So practice more English.

How do you learn freelancing or work now?

Most people rush to an institution to learn freelancing. Companies that teach freelancing in exchange for huge bucks. However, I would urge you not to go to these institutions. Because most of the company’s trainers start teaching others work without knowing it properly.

Because a successful freelancer works online, he earns a huge amount of income. For which he has no time to do any other work. One thing to keep in mind, freelancing is a platform where no one can succeed if they succeed. Because if you are interactive on this platform you will get no further work.

freelancing job
freelancing job

You must understand. Because the trainees who open and provide training, they can give little time for their work. Basically, the trainers or owners of these companies do not get freelancing income due to lack of work.

I will teach you how to do freelancing in a free way.

You need to have some of the essentials to start freelancing.

A laptop or desktop. Select the configured according to the type of work and buy them. You need to buy a high config laptop or desktop for graphics design work like this.

You need to have a constant internet connection.

If you have a headphone to talk to clients then the benefit will be.

The required software will be needed for the job.

Now you can start working with these.

The tasks that must be done in freelancing and the things that must be left out:

What to do:

First of all you need to monitor your learning.

You need to know everything thoroughly.
Very interesting to create a profile.
You should write proposals beautifully.

Things to leave:

  • Can’t go to any institution to learn work.
  • Profiles cannot be created by anyone other than yourself.
  • Cannot create multiple accounts on the same freelancing site.
  • Do not log into someone else’s freelancing account from your PC or log into your account on someone else’s PC.

You also need to look at 3 more things.

  1. Time.
  2. The money.
  3. Place.


You have to be a lot more sensitive about time. Because you have to choose the right time to work. If you work without the proper time, the quality of the work will not be good. Because not having to set a separate schedule for each task can cause disruption to the work.


The most common mistake people make when starting freelancing is money. Because freelancing is not a means by which money will come in a month. Here you will get the money by Depending on the job. If you do not work you will not get a penny. Many people get frustrated at the end of the month when they are unable to work, and they leave frustrated freelancing.

So always remember, to earn money here, you have to work hard and patience. Then you will succeed, not one time or one time.


You must select the appropriate place for the job. You will never order all the work you cannot do. This can cause problems for clients. As a result, they may provide negative reviews on your profile. Which will keep you from getting other jobs. So you will do the work that you are skilled at.

I hope I understood everything about freelancing. If you have any questions then you can write in the comments section. We will always be with you.


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