Earn Income by Writing

A Complete Guide of How to Earn Income by Writing Articles

Hello Brother, How are you? Hope you are well of course. Must be fine. Today I will wrote for you ” How to Earn Income by Writing Articles “. Many people do not understand the article well. Wondering what the article is again?

How does A, An, and The A make these three letters? Do you think so? No brother Article does not mean this. Let us first clear what I mean by article.

Earn Income by Writing
Earn Income by Writing

Article writing is basically just about anything. If you write an essay like this, you can call it a cow article. Again, if you write something about the front election, you can call it an election article. Anything can be written.

Now surely you understand what I mean by article.

  • Now wondering, how does writing an article make income again?
  • Did the guy go crazy?

No brother, I’m not crazy. But I want to drive you crazy with my article. Because I write about things on my site that will help you become a skilled online income man. And it’s absolutely free.

So back to Maine Topics.

Earn Income by Writing English or Bangla Articles!

Now, the most popular and widely used online income source is the article revenue. You must read the news paper. All the news that is written in the news paper but not one. One subject is fixed for each one. Every day they write some important articles about them. Which was later published in the paper.

At the end of each news item or paper, you will see that the name of the newsletter is given. So the people who write these articles are a fixed salary person. Those who pay the news paper authority.

Now think that they are employed.

How can I Earn Income by Writing an article..?

I do not work in news papers.

But brother, I’ll show you the way you don’t have to work. You can earn yourself from writing articles in the house.

You must have heard the name of the website. If you have not heard about my website can know all about the website. I wrote some articles about the website in a very nice way. If you read that you do not have to go to Google or YouTube to know about the website.

So let’s get started. You will basically write the article on your website. You will open a website. There you will write articles on different topics like your own. You don’t have to go out of your room to write. You can write at home or on a computer or laptop or smart phone.

How To Open A Website And What It Requires Everything is provided in my site step by step from which you can open a website yourself.

Your job will be to bring visitors to your site by writing about different things. That is, when you write about a topic, many people will read to your site to read it. And when a lot of people get crowded, you get income. I will write down how. Let me talk a little bit about how to get started.

Think you will buy a new mobile. Now buy a brand mobile or you will have to search Google to know what the price of a brand mobile is. Then Google will show many sites. The site is written on mobile reviews. You must visit one of those sites to learn about mobile.

That’s how billions of people search Google every day for different things. So if you write an article on a topic or topic on your own site, many people will come to your site to find out about that topic.

This is an article like the one I am writing about today and the subject I write about on my site. I definitely read this article. Not only you, many people are coming to this site to read my articles.

This way you can open a site and write an article. Then your income will be. However, writing an article on any topic is good. This is: Most articles on my site are written about online income.

Now the thing is, I wrote the article but how will the income or income?

In many ways you can Earn Money by Writing an article. But before you earn, you need to learn how to write articles. Not just one, many articles should be written on your site. When you find that many people are coming to read your articles, you will be better suited for income.

Below are some ways you can earn money by writing an article.

Freelance Writing in Different Marketplaces

Article writing is one of the many freelance work. Huge amounts of income can be made by writing about a very short time. If your writing skills are very good then you will get a lot of work from the freelancing site.

Because many clients will hire you to write an article on a freelancing site. Who will pay you hourly or fixedly. There are many freelancing sites. These are: freelancer.com, upwork.com, fiverr.com, guru.com, belancer.com, peopleperhour.com, etc.

There is a lot of work in the article writing section on these sites.

There is currently no good marketplace for writing articles in Bengal. However, many opportunities are increasing day by day for Bengali content writers because many Bangla sites are hiring Bengali writers to write their content.

And if you can write articles in English then there is no point because English articles are used all over the world. And Bangla Article is created with the target of Bengali speaking people, hence its worldwide demand.

By writing in online magazines

Various online newspapers have been hiring countless writers lately. So if you can write good quality articles, you can earn by submitting your articles to all these online newspapers. So if you have a little idea about the current magazines, be prepared for your writing as per their demand.

Write an e-book

E-book or electronic book which is made up of long articles. You can create an e-book with the ability to write your article and sell it to a specific population and earn it. Many people in the world are making a lot of income by selling e-books. Then you can try to earn by writing the ebook.


Regular visitors to my site have already been aware of the AdSense thing. Then I say a little bit of light. AdSense is Google’s ad network. It is basically controlled by Google. That means it’s Google property.

Adsense’s job is to show ads on their publishers’ sites. You can also be a AdSense publisher if you wish. As a result, Google can give you a way to earn money through their AdSense.

You can apply for AdSense when you write an article and many people will be visiting your site every day to read that article. If your site is AdSense-approved, you will get the AdSense code that will be added to your site by showing different advertiser’s ads in different places of your site that people will see on your site every day.

Many visitors will click on all the advertisements from which the CPC will receive 65% of your income. All the earnings will be added to AdSense, which you can later transfer to your bank account. However, in order to add your own site to Adsense, Google has to comply with some of the terms that you can learn from Google.

So that was the way to earn money through writing articles.

Affiliate Marketing

Even if you are affiliate marketing, you can still earn income with the help of articles because when visiting your article, you can recomend the various products you use to those visitors. Whenever any of them buy your reconditioned product from your link, you will get affiliate commission.

Don’t understand? No problem, those who know about affiliate marketing must understand. But let me explain to those who do not understand.

Affiliate marketing is the sale of a product through you. For example, if you can sell a product to someone else with your talent and hard work, the commission you get is the Affiliate Commission.

Affiliate programs are available in almost all products online where free registration can be done. Registration will give you affiliate code that will be inserted at times or in different places on your site’s articles that will display as advertising banners or text. When a visitor arrives to read your article, you will receive a commission when you click on this ad and buy a product.

This way you can earn a lot of money. So this was an article discussing income through affiliate marketing.


When your articles are very popular on Facebook, many offline companies, including online, will designate you to promote their ads on your site. Then you can promote their products in your article by dealing with them. For this they will pay you an amount of a certain amount.

However, Bangladeshi companies or companies do not pay that much. But companies or companies from overseas pay more. I get $25 to $100 from one organization through sponsorship.

In this way, by writing the article can be earned through sponsorship.

Flipping the website

Many know about flipping websites and many do not know. Flipping a website is one of the most popular ways to open a site and rank it for sale. If a site can rank well on Google then you can sell it at a much higher price.

First you have to open a site to buy domain and hosting. Then write a good article on that site. It’s good to write an article with all the topics that people want the most. And one article is good for about 2000 or more keywords, because when someone searches through a keyword, Google shows the site that is more related to that keyword.

So when writing more articles, your site will become more popular and a lot of visitors will be able to sell that site for about 12 to 30 times more than your cost.

Maybe many people are surprised to hear about the costs because many do not know what it costs to open a website. Basically, to open a website you need some things, the main two things are domain and hosting. And some extra services need to be added for security.

My Savi, who will follow all the details of how it costs to buy a domain and hosting, will be able to buy domain and hosting itself.

So you can Earn Money by Writing articles and flip the website.

There are many more such systems to earn. However, it is good to make income through the things I have discussed. Moreover, when you start writing articles you will find many sources for income.

So far this day. If you have any questions about this you can contact me. Moreover, the comments section is blank for you to comment on. If you like my posts then of course you will share and give others a chance to see.

Earn Money by Writing


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