How To Start a New Blog - 2020 (Blogging for Money)

How To Start a New Blog – 2020 (Blogging for Money)

How do newcomers start Blogging for Money? Is it really possible for beginners to make money through the blog? Can newcomers make a living from blogging? The answer to both questions is ‘yes’.

Blogging is not a theoretical concept for making money, but it is a reality. Some basic knowledge of blogging to make money, as well as a general idea of ​​how SEO and the Internet works, a person can start a blogging business and make money.

How to Start Blogging for Money? – A great question for beginners.

The blog you’re reading in response to this is a real-life example of a paid blogger.

The purpose of this guide is to: Expose newcomers to misconceptions and blogging will contribute to your core goals, even to inform newcomers of valuable work practices and strategies. What are the steps you need to take to start blogging to earn money through your blog? Helping to understand it.

I remember That’s when I started blogging for money in 2016. How can blogging help me make money? It was very difficult to understand.

How To Start a New Blog - 2020 (Blogging for Money)
How To Start a New Blog – 2020 (Blogging for Money)

It took me a long time to learn about content, writing pictures, publishing blogs and marketing.

Hopefully, this article will guide you through the steps, taking you right from the beginning. And will help you create a simple plan to get started, which will work to quickly make you a success.

Before going into the details, let me clarify some things from now on.

This is not an easy task, it is a time consuming and time-consuming process. Who has the power to set many goals and goals? That person is one of the best in the world and can do this job of earning money.

Starting a blogging business is not just for you to make money. Most important is the feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction of establishing a business based on one’s talents and strengths, not on someone else’s. Yes, it will give you satisfaction, but after feeling bitter.

Have you ever wondered, “How to make money with a blog?” Why are so many guidelines and books are written online?

The question comes to your mind, why does a blogger provide his valuable knowledge for free to everyone?

The answer is simple. Reaching such a level by making money online. Then it is every blogger’s dream to share this excitement with the rest of the world.

How To Make Money With A Blog?

You can start blogging for money by following 7 steps:

Income words seem so easy to hear! In fact, some of the methods are quite straightforward, but there are complications in some tasks. To do this you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge, the right tools and a lot of patience.

01. Setup a Blog by Purchasing Your Own Domain and Hosting:

This is probably the easiest step. Setting up a blog by registering a domain name and hosting plan is very easy. All you need to do is get some developer help and guidance. Which you will find in our writing.

I won’t go into the details on how to set up a blog, but the good news is that WordPress Blogging will have complete guidance and support from us. For which we do not have to pay any money. However, payment will be required for premium support.

  • How do I register a domain name and hosting?
  • How to set-up WordPress publish your first blog post?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you start blogging to make money successfully.

It is normal to make mistakes at the beginning of blogging. You learn from your mistakes and become skilled at rectifying them. When it comes to starting a blog, keep these tips in mind.

Set your goals for making money online:

Your goal should be to reach a point where you can start making money from your blog. Your goal should never be forgotten.

I’m referring to it again. Because from my experience I know that this is the most common mistake. Shortly after creating a website, when traffic does not arrive, 90% of bloggers are frustrated.

But there is no reason to be disappointed. It is possible to solve this by doing something simple.

First, the design of the website is important. If the design structure of the site is not correct, then Google may pay a penalty for the technical problems of your site. That’s why designing a site is so important.

Second, you need to have your own domain and hosting:

There is a big difference between hosting a free domain and setting up a website on your own premium domain and hosting.

So make the right decision from the beginning and choose the right platform. A self-hosted WordPress website is your best choice and the right platform to earn online.

To purchase a domain and hosting, purchase the service from the best company:

(Blogging for Money) (2)
(Blogging for Money) (2)

Never make the mistake of purchasing a strong hosting plan. If you make a mistake, the beginning of your blogging career will go in the wrong direction. That’s why new bloggers should host their own blog on a fast-paced hosting.

You must try to purchase a hosting plan from popular companies like HostGator, Namecheap, BlueHost. Read the guide below for more details.

If you’ve already started a blog, try to make everything as easy as possible. Don’t make things too complicated.

The key to our discussion above is:

First, you need to purchase a fast hosting plan to create a website and set up a new site.

As a newbie, you have a lot to learn and as you go along, you will know a lot. So save time and energy going forward easily.

02: Start Creating and Publishing Content:

We have discussed in our previous discussion the instructions for creating a suitable website for you.

Now is the time for blogging to be one of the most difficult and challenging tasks. Which serves as a very powerful element for your blog.

Remember this,

Blogs with no content. Content is the main topic of your blog. This is the most difficult thing to do. A blog with great content is the best business to make money.

It needs to be said. The importance of content for the success of your blog needs to be understood from the beginning.

Great content will help you collect traffic, earn credibility, and help you make money faster.

So, what is great content? Let’s know a bit about this:

Controls of the blog must be unique: Content such as images, video, infographic or audio is called content. Simply put, great content is the ability to make your content readable by anyone who wants to get high rankings in Google.

Great content should have the following features:

  • Must be 99% Unique Content
  • Spelling and grammar should be ok
  • Will be visible
  • Be meaningful
  • Would be neutral
  • It will help people understand/learn
  • Easy to read and so on.

If you have the above features then your content can be called great content.

03: Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog:

Let’s talk about the process of collecting organic visitors.

Your first step was to register your own domain and hosting plan and set up your blog. The second step was to post great quality content on the blog. Now is the time to increase organic traffic to your blog.

What is Organic Traffic?

You need organic traffic to make money from the blog. Organic traffic is mostly available from Google.

Organic traffic is more valuable than other visitors.

What a user types into a Google search box is a clear purpose. The user may be looking for an answer to a question, want to learn something or want to buy a product.

For example, A user has “How many ways to earn from a blog site?” Searching by writing this question. With this question, it is clear that he is looking for a step-by-step guide on how to earn a blog site.

Understanding the questions of the users and creating a rich content of information on that question is a good way to get organic digits from Google.

When you understand it correctly, blog posts will rank on Google. And you will start getting organic traffic to your blog.

Let’s know a few more important techniques.

How to get Organic Traffic to Your Blog?

Targeted organic traffic is the most valuable thing for your blog. Because it will help you to earn a lot of money from the blog site.

To get an ‘Organic Visit’, we ask you to focus on several things:

Create good content:

I’ve said this a few times before and still say it. Because good content is very important content for the website. Without it, your website is very weak. Content is the power of the site.

Do the proper technical SEO:

The technical SEO is done to index the site Google. So this topic can never be ignored. If you do not do technical SEO, Google will not understand the content you create. As a result, your website will not get traffic.

What do you need to do for technical SEO?

Let’s know, for example:

  • Site and page structure
  • URL structure
  • HTML site map
  • The use of the schema markup
  • Category Optimization
  • Page and Tag Optimization
  • Optimize Site Speed
  • Need to add a webmaster tool, etc.

Do On-Page SEO Correctly:

Fundamentals for the on-page SEO blog. There is no alternative to on-page SEO to increase traffic to your site. This should be done very seriously and with time. No rush when doing SEO.

What to do on-page SEO?

Let’s find out:

  • Title optimized
  • Optimize meta titles and descriptions
  • Write posts with more than 300 words
  • Optimize photos and videos
  • Use heading tags
  • Keep the post format ok
  • Outbound link
  • Adding Internal Links, etc.

Work with Off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO is more important to increase visitors than all the strategies discussed so far as to increase your organic traffic. This method plays a big role in increasing site visits.

Off-page is a long-lasting process. Can’t start and end it.

Off-page SEO is:

Off-page SEO is the process of promoting your website on the web to increase awareness of your content, products, and services.

Why Need Off-Page SEO?

Gaining trust with the search engine by using a reference link from other sites to help gain ranking.
More and more organic visitors are available.

The most popular and effective off-page SEO method is link building.

What is link building and why is it so important?

Search engine ranking algorithms are always searching for ways to understand the quality of the website.

Websites with good content, the general design and reference links to any search engine, and especially to Google, are considered high quality. Websites with the best content offer Google and other search engines to their users. To keep their users happy.

Link building is a complex topic and it is difficult for beginners to understand blogging. I understand this from my own experience if you do not want to do link building.

Here’s what you should know about link building at this stage:

It is not known how many backlinks to create for posting a site. However, there are some premium tools that will give you an idea of ​​how much link building needs to be done.

Links to websites that match your topic need to be linked to from sites that Google has ranked high.

You must use the White Hat method for link building.

How to increase your blog’s traffic through link building?

The most popular link building methods are:

Creating a backlink by posting a guest. Backlinks can be created by posting a guest on a website that matches the content of your website.
About good backlinks can be done with the help of your known website owners.
Backlinks are very easy to post by posting a forum. There are also many other methods.

04: Create a community around your brand:

Once a blog is created with great content and you start to get traffic. Your next step is to build a community around your brand.

This is a common mistake for beginners, primarily for beginners. It’s not that newcomers think this step is important. As a result, the path to success goes away. Creating a community without trying to get into direct money is the right thing for newcomers.

What is a community building for a blog?

In simple terms, what you are trying to do is to create a community that will follow your blog. I will wait for your blog post and buy your product or service.

 The most common ways to do this are:

Email Marketing:

The people who subscribe to your email list are a valuable asset to your blog. When you publish new posts to your blog, you can use your email list to let them know, get their opinions, and sell their product or service.

You will not be able to generate a cell from the first day of email. You must first gain their trust with the information through your emails. This way they have to pay attention to your blog on a regular basis.

In my case, 20% of my affiliate Ernie’s monthly sales are generated through my email list.

Do social media networking:

Some people don’t like getting emails. They like to use social networks to read their news, communicate with their friends, and generally spend most of their time online.

Bring your target clients into the social community to visit their blog site. There are many social media networks you can use.

Spend 20-30 minutes each day on your fan page and Twitter on Facebook.
Remember, your goal is to connect with the people you care about. People who appear to be potential visitors and subscribers to your blog.

Use Web Push Notification:

This is just another way to grow your community. Say that every time a new post is published to people who are registered for push notifications, you will send them a notification.

Give Comment:

After reading your blog post, add a comment box to give readers a chance to comment. It gives your visitors the freedom to express their minds.

05: Start making money by selling ads:

Have you noticed how much work you have to do to get your share of the money?

This blog post will help you a lot with making money from your blog.

You need to understand that you cannot make money from your blog, as long as:
  • You do not have enough organic traffic
  • Not collect the email list
  • If there is no follower in the community
  • If there is not enough quality content, etc.

Assume that you have successfully completed the above tasks. Now let’s find out. How can you make money online and reward yourself for your hard work these days?

Advertising Spaces Sale: Earn from Google AdSense:

I always admire AdSense’s fun! For over 3 years I have been earning online through AdSense. Google AdSense is one of the best ways to make money online, even though there are many other income options.

I am using AdSense on my blog as well as making money by affiliate marketing.

Here are some things you should know about AdSense for payments:

Easy and reliable way: AdSense is very easy and reliable to use. All you need is a blog with great content and lots of traffic.

You have added AdSense to your blog and when people click on an ad on your blog you will receive 68% of the advertiser’s pay (the remaining 32% goes to Google to manage the service).

This is a reliable method. Because, you know, Google will pay you on time, and they will help protect you from fraud and spam.

You can choose what kind of ads to display on the blog, how often they are displayed, how the ads will be displayed.

How Much Money Can You Make from AdSense?

The amount of money you can earn from AdSense depends on three things:

  • Depending on the amount of organic traffic
  • Placing ads in the right place and
  • Over the amount of advertising.

When is it best for you to use AdSense?

  • News portals, magazines, newspapers, forums, etc.
  • Use Adsense on a healthy lifestyle blog (Fitness Blog, Weight Loss, etc.).
  • Use AdSense on websites that have a lot of visitors.

06: Make Money by selling your own product or service:

I mentioned above about making money using AdSense for blogs. But the purpose of this guideline is not to make money from advertising. I am sharing my guideline for making revenue by promoting SEO courses and digital marketing services through your website or by selling any of your own digital products. Because in this method you can earn 3 times more money in Essence.

Think about it: What happens when you earn money by advertising on your blog?

You only get a portion of the money, since 30% goes to the advertising governing body. And advertising giants are earning a huge portion of your content and hard work.

To increase your income, you should create and sell your own products or services. In it, you get the full share of the profits.

Of course, it sounds easy to listen to. But if you don’t have the skills and goals you need to make money with Google AdSense. If I have the skills, sell your products and services. Ideas for selling your own products are the best way to build a lasting online business.

07: Make Money With Affiliate Marketing:

Another great way to make money from a blog is to earn commissions through affiliate marketing. This method is commonly known as affiliate marketing.

Here are some steps to get started:

  • Find out which product you want to promote
  • You register for their affiliate marketing program (you will receive an online link and banner if you apply.)
  • Add a link/banner to your blog
  • When someone clicks on a link to purchase a service, they will share the commission with you.

Feel good, isn’t it?

Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You must first find the right products to promote. Your readers and community should check to see if you are willing to pay to buy your recommended products. If you come to a satisfactory outcome, long-term work should be started.

Here are a few things to know before getting into affiliate marketing:

Do not promote products or services that you do not personally use. If you do not want to lose your user confidence. Promote only the products you know from personal products that will help your readers.
Google websites or blog sites do not like to make money using affiliate links. This is why your website should work in a way that provides real value to the user, without being too promotional.
If you build a website with WordPress, you will find many benefits to using your affiliate links correctly.

The conclusion

Blogging for money is not a theoretical task. Thousands of bloggers are making money by using their own products/services or affiliate marketing, without using Google ads.

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